Our History

Purify your body and mind

We create a warmer world with health, body and mind.

Inspired by Ilchi Lee

When Body & Brain was developed in South Korea in 1980, founder Ilchi Lee began teaching in a public park. The tradition of community-based classes has continued since that time, including classes made available since Body & Brain came to the United States. The Body & Brain Foundation was created in 2006 to better organize this community-oriented tradition.

Body & Brain classes have been provided for a small donation or free of charge in America’s public parks and other community venues. Locations are diverse and include offices, schools, hospitals, senior centers, community centers, parks, churches, libraries, etc. Class participants range in age from preschoolers to senior citizens, and participants come from all walks of life: teenagers in juvenile probation, church, and temple-goers, Catholic priests, nuns, etc. Today, over 4,000 people around the country are pursuing healthier lifestyles through Body & Brain outreach classes.​

This journey began with one. It was in a park in Anyang, South Korea where Lee began teaching a lone student. The gentleman was eager to improve his quality of life as he had suffered a stroke, leaving him paralyzed on one side. With great enthusiasm, Lee embraced the challenge. Both dedicated to achieving what Lee believed is our natural state of being, the two men worked to restore the student’s wholeness through a healthy mind-body relationship. Soon news of this great healing spread and more people came, also seeking healthy lives. For the next five years, Lee gave free lessons to everyone who came to the park. Eventually, in 1985, he rented a space in Seoul to serve his students—this became the first Body & Brain Yoga Center.​

Lee’s passion and dedication to helping others realize their personal potential spread, and his mind-body-spirit training blossomed into numerous Body & Brain Yoga Centers in South Korea, the United States and beyond. In keeping with Lee’s devotion to empowering society, Body & Brain Yoga practitioners have been reaching out to their communities and sharing his training. And so the Body & Brain Yoga Foundation was born. Dedicated to the continuance of helping people achieve the quality of life, creativity and realize their true potential, the Body & Brain Yoga Foundation is reaching communities throughout the world, and sharing Ilchi Lee’s passion for creating “Change” by empowering humanity through contribution and inspiration.