Belly Button Healing

Purify your body and mind

We create a warmer world with health, body and mind.


The founder, Ilchi Lee, incorporated ancient body/mind/spirit traditions in the creation of Body & Brain yoga, and much of his experience came from the ancient Korean tradition of Sundo, and the idea of universal energy. Universal energy includes the energies of each individual physical body.

In terms of healing and restoring energy in the body, the body has a foundation called the lower dahn jon, it is the central energy storage system. The dahn jon is located two inches below the belly button and two inches inside the body toward the internal organs. In other methodologies it is called the dantian, also the third or naval chakra. In the U.S. this area corresponds to where our “core strength” is centered the strong stomach muscles that keep the back and body healthy, and promote digestion and circulation.

The dahn jon is often weakened by illness or sedentary lifestyles with little exercise, as well as mental, physical, and emotional stress. It has been discovered that a many physical functions originate here or are affected by weakness in this area. The belly button area, or “gut,” produces about 90% of the serotonin and almost 50% of the dopamine in our body, the two hormones responsible for depression. Most aspects of the digestive system are collected here, the system are responsible for processing food into energy. Illness is often associated with not wanting to eat, having trouble eating certain foods, or experiencing discomfort after eating. ​

There is also a close relationship between the brain and the nervous system in charge of the gut, sometimes called the “second brain” or “gut brain.” This affects brain function, and is why symptoms or illnesses like depression, Alzheimer’s, Autism, and ADHD, etc. are so often linked to problems in the gut as well. This is why in Body & Brain Yoga – we focus on the dahn jon through the belly button, in order to improve energy, health, vitality, and positive optimism. ​

The exercises for Belly Button Healing are quick, easy, and simple to do. They are done lying down, relaxing, and then pressing on the belly button in different specific ways that ways to stimulate and activate blood circulation and energy. It’s important to perform Belly Button Healing techniques not just with the right technique, but also with the right mind, namely a positive attitude and feelings of love, gratitude, and a desire to heal. ​

There are always reasons behind the idioms we use in daily life; Idioms are born to describe physical and emotional feelings and situations. This is why having a “Fire in the belly” or being “fired up” to do something urge of energy to do something. This is the essence behind Body & Brain Foundation’s focus on “Change Your Energy” as one of the key principles of its philosophy, and Belly Button Healing. Belly Button Healing is one of the profound tools used to restore energy the main component of physical, mental, and spiritual health. ​


1. Promotes blood circulation

2. Warms the abdomen, increases body temperature

3. Improves digestive and excretory functions

4. Relieves pain and tension

5. Enhances the immune system

6. Increases physical vitality

7. Clears the head and improves concentration

8. Relaxes the body and mind

9. Expands physical and mental well-being

10. Promotes feelings of centeredness​