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You Can Make the World Better and Improve Your BODY & MIND by Simplifying Your Life.

Body & Brain Foundation is part of the Earth Citizen Movement, espousing and encouraging lifestyles that improve the overall quality of life on our planet. One lifestyle idea that has caught our attention lately is “Minimalism.”

Minimalism is about simplifying your life, focusing on what is essential, valuing being over having. This lifestyle can be an antidote to problems caused by overconsumption. Every day people buy clothes they do not need and may not wear, they may replace their trendy gadget with a newer trendier version, or they may buy a home with more space than they can ever use. These actions reflect an attitude that personal satisfaction is derived by the things people buy or possess. Body & Brain Foundation believes that every individual is valuable and beneficial to the Earth, by the gifts they have inside them.

Maybe minimalism can help you get in touch with who you really are, what you really want and what your special gift may be. In this way, you can move away from actions that generate unnecessary waste, pollution or contribute to the suffering of others. It is all your choice.

We encourage you to try minimalism for yourself. You can start with something small.

Here are some examples:  One foundation member tells us that she always uses eco bags when she goes shopping. She saves money by only buying what she can fit in her bags. Another foundation member told us that he decided not to buy any new clothes for 1 year. He began to see that he had been shopping out of habit, buying more clothes than he would need.  Have you tried minimalism? If so, tell us about your experiences.​

Please share this information with your family and friends, because little by little you can make a difference for the Earth.

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