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The idea of “Outreach Work” is a key component of Body & Brain Yoga. An organization’s involvement or activity within a community is done within the context of social welfare – and the good of all. Yoga is not all that we do, but our yoga practice informs our all of our work, whether we are offering classes – or our volunteers and practitioners are organizing positive events to benefit individuals who may be in need.

For more than 15 years, our community-based BODY & BRAIN FOUNDATION YOGA classes have been made available free of charge or at donations. Our classes are held at our own centers – or at locations around the country – within schools and youth programs, senior centers, community organizations, churches, and businesses.

BODY & BRAIN Yoga is generally done within a group, as group interaction is part of the vital benefit of our particular practice of yoga, which is a unique combination of yoga, breathwork, energy work, healing, and meditation. Working within a group fosters social connections – a tremendous advantage over solo practice or just simple exercises. Those who participate in our yoga classes or workshops often cite the support, enthusiasm, and encouragement of fellow participants in their classes as one of the things that encourage them to keep coming, and increases their experience of greater health, relief from mental stress and depression, and joy.